Nokia phone insurance protects your new Nokia phone and your wallet.

Nokia phone insurance gives you the peace of mind you deserve and saves you real money in case of accidental damages.

What is covered?

Peace of mind and protection you can count on

Asset 7
Display breakage

If the screen of your phone is broken or another technical defect occurs because of a fall.

Asset 6
Liquid damage

If your phone doesn't work anymore or works partially due to contact with liquids.

Asset 9
Handling errors

If your phone gets damaged by clumsiness, ignorance or due to mishandling.

Asset 10
Fire damage

If your phone gets damaged or destroyed by a fire.

Asset 11
Short circuit

If your phone gets damaged by a short circuit or because of power overload.

Asset 12
Third party

If your phone gets damaged due to a third party.

Easy. Customizable. Risk-Free.

Nokia phone insurance is available only for a limited time after purchase.
This Nokia phone insurance is brought to the customer by simplesurance and is between simplesurance and the customer exclusively, without any liability, recourse or remedy to HMD Global Oy.

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